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Pelosi Visits Closed San Francisco Salon With No Mask, Says You Can’t!

Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, visited a closed hair salon in San Francisco to get a wash and blow-out. Video of her trip leaked to the internet and it showed the Speaker inside the salon without a mask and practicing minimal social distancing. The hairstylist did, however, have a mask on. No other clientele of the salon were present in the short clip.

How Did This Happen?

One of the hairstylists who rents a booth in the salon allowed Pelosi to come in for a “special appointment.” The owner of the salon, Erica Kious, was furious when she found out that Pelosi was given the special treatment. Salons in San Francisco, and all over California, have been closed for months as a result of shutdowns related to the Chinese virus.

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Kious is not only furious because of the outright hypocrisy from Pelosi, but also what that hypocrisy means to others. “This is for everybody,” she said. “I am sharing this because of what everyone in my industry, and my city, what every small business is going through right now.”

What A Tangled Weave We Web

San Francisco hair salons reopened on September 1st, but only for outdoor appointments. This does not apply to the salon Pelosi attended because her appointment was inside. Pelosi also had a “blowout” which requires the usage of a blow-dryer and that is still not permitted in California due to the possibility of wet particles spreading.

Pelosi’s office released a statement about the video confirming that the Speaker is, in fact, in the video and that she did get her hair done at the salon. The Speaker’s visit is explained away with a claim of ignorance. Pelosi says she was told that one customer per salon was permitted under San Francisco rules. This is not true. No salons in San Francisco are open at all. The office also says that Pelosi wore a mask, which is clearly not the case from the video evidence.

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Erica Kious did everything possible to prepare her salon for re-opening, which has yet to happen. She installed plexiglass partitions in-between booths, the booths are six feet apart, and windows are kept open to allow maximum airflow. None of the arrangements the single-mother-of-two made have advanced the reopening of her salon yet.

Multi-Million Dollar Ghost Town

Sixty percent of Erica Kious’ clientele is gone now due to the pandemic shutdowns. People are fleeing not only San Francisco, but California in general. Before the virus, there was a mass exodus on the left coast due to the ever-increasing taxes and ridiculous draconian rules. During the virus, it simply makes no sense to live in the state, especially not in big cities like San Francisco. With very high costs of living and a damaged economy, it simply makes sense to flee to a far-away place rather than stay.

Pelosi’s bad hair day is of no surprise to anyone paying attention. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was photographed walking his dog in New York without a mask. But he goes on television constantly to tell people to wear a mask. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot encourages social distancing, quarantining, and mask use. She even sent a fleet of police officers with a SWAT team to break up black church service. But she got her hair done in a salon that should have been closed. Lightfoot’s excuse was that she must be on TV because she’s the face of the city.

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Double Standards Are Also Standards

Leftist politicians continue to get away with proverbial murder when it comes to their hypocritical stances and harmful policies. The mantra of the left is simply “do as I say, but never as I do!” And the more people begin to wake up to this reality, the less power the Democratic Party will hold in the country.


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