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CDC Reverses Course On Mask Mandates Just Two Months Later

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has reversed course on the statement they made just two months ago in relation to wearing masks indoors. Their statement from May 13, 2021 on Twitter states “Fully Vaccinated People Can Stop Wearing Masks”. To be more specific, the CDC statement refers to indoor and outdoor mask-wearing. The CDC now says that all persons, regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks indoors in certain places. The Delta Variant is cited as the reason why mask “recommendations” has returned.

Reaction to the return of mask mandates has been less than positive, to say the least. Many vaccinated people view this decision from the CDC as a classic bait-and-switch tactic. Mask-wearing was the norm for a few months and people had become used to wearing them indoors and even sometimes outdoors. Not everyone likes wearing masks, though. So when the CDC announced that vaccinated people did not need to wear masks indoors or outdoors, large amounts of unvaccinated people decided to get the shot in order to lose the mask. Now that mask mandates have returned just two months later, it is almost like the aforementioned people got scammed.

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This CDC decision (recommendation) also raises a ton of questions. If the masks work then what is the point of the vaccine? If the vaccine works, then what’s the point of the mask? If the Delta Variant is the reason why masks must return, then how effective are masks and vaccines against the Delta Variant? How did the Delta Variant become prevalent in society? Where did it come from? Will there be more vaccinations needed? Pfizer has already floated the idea of a third “booster” shot later this year. Will the “vaccine” be a yearly shot like the flu? Will the shot change each year? There is also the lambda variant floating around. How effective are current methods against that? Most, if not all of these questions remain unanswered.


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