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Logan Responds To Debate Request From Candace Owens

Popular YouTuber and amateur boxer Logan Paul responded to conservative firebrand Candace Owens’s request for a debate. Her request comes on the heels of his race rant from 2020 randomly picking up steam and going viral again. In the rant, he spouted out quite a few buzzwords that are commonly used by the Robin DiAngelo types. If Logan Paul’s speech was labeled “Critical Race Theory speech”, nobody would really call that title incorrect.

Logan Paul appeared legitimately confused that Candace Owens or anyone else would have a problem with what he was saying. After all, he is “sticking up” for “people of color”. The obvious issue is that what Logan Paul sees as a positive thing, others may see as negative. And for good reason.

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The prototypical patriarchal white liberal stance toward the black community oozes from Paul in an attempt to be virtuous. Responding to Candace’s debate request and criticism on the Impaulsive podcast did not make matters much better. His long-winded cohost simply took the “annoying white liberal” schtick to an entirely new level. On top of that, Paul kind of gave a “maybe” answer to the debate. The cohost urged him to refuse it, partly because Candace’s viewpoints “make him sick”.

All three guys on the podcast come off as ignorant of political and racial issues. Maybe they desire to do the right thing and be “progressive” for the betterment of all mankind. Or maybe they simply want their way to be correct without any intention of hearing other ways that could be better. If Logan Paul decides to accept Candace Owens’ debate request, it would make for good television. But more importantly, Candace could simply educate Logan which would be the best outcome. Logan has a large following of very young people who take what he says seriously. It’s never a bad thing to become more educated when thousands, if not millions, of eyes are on you.


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