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Charges Dropped NYC Subway Stabbing Suspect After Jury Fails To Indict

All charges have been dropped against Jordan Williams in the NYC subway stabbing case after a grand jury failed to indict him. Williams was on the train with his girlfriend when 36-year-old Devictor Devictor Ouedraogo violently approached them, after doing the same to other passengers. Ouedraogo punched the girlfriend and Williams defended her. During the melee, Williams produced a knife and stabbed Ouedraogo. The assailant eventually died as a result of the knife wound.

Williams was immediately arrested after the incident and charged. A public outcry for his release quickly ensued. An online fundraiser collected over $100,000 for Williams’s defense fund. That money will now go toward the 20-year-old’s college fund since he will no longer face a criminal penalty for what his lawyer described as an open-and-shut case of self-defense. The same thing cannot be said for Daniel Penny, who also got into a subway altercation that resulted in someone dying.

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