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Chinese Consulate Ordered To Close In 72 Hours After Document Burning!

The Chinese Consulate in Houston, Texas was ordered to close on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020. Just a few hours earlier, at least one man was caught on tape burning documents outside in a courtyard within the Consulate property. The document-burning was so intense that police and fire were called to the scene because neighbors thought that the Consulate was on fire.

Controversy is not new with Chinese nationals in Houston. At least one Chinese national male based in Houston was recently convicted on spying charges. The consulate in question has been long suspected of operating a large-scale spying operation for the Chinese Communist Party. The burning of thousands of physical documents just one night before it’s closure order surely is no co-incidence.

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  1. Some of footage I saw from fires they were cleaning house alright you know documents cellphones, hard drives , maybe even old school way back 💾 just you know old stuff just collecting dust. I also have a Atlantic Ocean beach house for sale here in AZ. If anyone is interested. (being sarcastic) definitely they were getting rid of evidence


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