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Chinese Doctor Let The Proverbial Vaccine Cat Out Of The Bag

Chinese Doctor Leana Sheryle Wen (温麟衍) made an appearance on CNN with Chris Cuomo to speak about the vaccine. During her talk, Wen mentioned the often unspoken reality of incentives being necessary to get all Americans vaccinated. The main incentive Wen focused on was the issue of lockdowns. She said that the “reopening” of cities should be tied to vaccination status.

This goes back to the idea of a “vaccine passport” that was previously mentioned. Some sort of smartphone app or equivalent showing that a person has been vaccinated would be necessary to return back to normal, everyday life. A statement like this is very alarming because it would require Government to deny Americans of their rights in order to force them to take an optional vaccination. It would, in effect, make the aforementioned optional vaccines mandatory. If that happens, then what else will be deemed as mandatory that was not so just one year ago?

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