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The DC Capitol Ramming Attack Suspect Has Been Identified

During the afternoon on Friday, April 2nd, 2021, a lone driver crashed his passenger sedan into a cement barrier placed near the DC Capitol. This set off a chain of events that resulted in the driver’s death and also one Capitol Police Officer. The vehicle “attack” into the barrier was initially thought of as an attack on the Capitol or part of a terror attack, but those rumors and assertions were quickly tossed aside once facts started to come out.

After the suspect crashed his vehicle into the barrier, he then exited the vehicle with a knife and charged at officers on the scene. He was shot by police as a result and died in the hospital later. Before the suspect got out of his car, the crash with which he struck the barrier was so powerful that the airbags in the vehicle deployed. Apparently, two officers were near the barrier and were injured as a result of the crash. Officer William “Billy” Evans later died of his injuries sustained from the crash.

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Rumors of “Q Anon” or some other group that is generally thought of with Trump supporters and/or “white supremacists” being involved with the attack swirled instantly. When it was revealed that two officers were hurt and the suspect died, many of the usual “ACAB” or “cops are pigs” crowd didn’t disavow police. They celebrated the death of the suspect because they thought the person was an “enemy” of theirs, referring back to the “Q Anon” or “white supremacists” they initially expected.

The unfounded rumors of the suspect’s race and motivation began to fall off once on-the-ground footage started circulating on the internet. The suspect clearly looked like a young black male. A 25-year-old black male named Noah Green has, indeed, been identified as the suspect in the car-ramming attack at the Capitol. He was not with anyone else, no terror ties are suspected, and he did not appear as a Trump supporter or anything else that was mentioned. His Facebook page showed him as an ardent supporter of the Nation Of Islam and Louis Farrakhan.

Now that the suspect in the DC Capitol car-ramming case has been identified, the story will undoubtedly fade away. Just like the mass-shooting of ten white people in Colorado faded away when it was revealed that a Syrian Muslim carried out the attack. If not for the immediate, knee-jerk reaction, maybe those who hate police and the conservative right could have latched onto a “bad cops kill black men” narrative. Since the suspect was armed with a knife, they can’t try and push gun control or the “unarmed” angle. All they can do is simply ignore it and wait for the next white person to do something crazy so they can resume their gaslighting of the general public.

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