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Woke Doctor: White House Event Was Problematic; BLM March Is Fine!

Doctor Rob Davidson appeared on CNN to express concerns about the White House gathering of 1,500 people during the Republican National Convention (RNC). Attendees were seated in the White House lawn without social distancing or masks to hear President Trump’s hour and fifteen-minute speech. Davidson said the event could turn out to be a “super-spreader” of the virus.

Double Standards Are Standards

On Friday after the conclusion of the RNC, Al Sharpton held a “March on Washington” at the Capitol with at least 50,000 people. When Dr. Davidson was asked about the mostly black march as it relates to the risk factor of spreading the virus, his tune totally changed. Davidson totally dismissed the lack of social distancing as if it were nothing, although he’d just said distancing was a problem with the White House event. It was clear that the doctor was letting his political bias speak instead of his expertise in medical science.

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Davidson explained his difference in opinion of the two events. He said that the event inside of the White House did not feature any masks and that the “March on Washington” at the Capitol did feature people (mostly) wearing masks. As for the social distancing that was not present at either event, Dr. Davidson casually dismissed it as if it were unimportant. So the million-dollar question here is… if social distancing is important in a crowd of 1,500 then why is it unimportant in a crowd of 50,000?

Social Science

The Doctor, and former Democratic candidate from Michigan, said that racism in the country is a public health issue, therefore a valid reason to stage a protest of people packed elbow to elbow during the pandemic. This is a totally absurd excuse. If medical advice is valid, then it should be valid regardless of what the political climate or context is. Doctors like Rob Davidson get the privilege of airtime on large platforms like CNN to spew total nonsense, while doctors who are successful at treating the virus get shunned like lepers.

Systemic Fakeism

To expand a little bit on the “doctor’s” point about systemic racism being a public health issue affecting black Americans. It is not. Racism is the lowest of concerns of black people in America. There are health issues that existed long before the virus, which is not even a serious issue. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, drugs, alcohol, and more are more pressing health issues than “racism.” Davidson doesn’t define racism so it’s hard to understand what he truly means. It’s clear that if he’s referring to the actual definition of racism, then nothing he said about it is accurate at all.

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Ninety-five percent of black people in America, give or take a little, die at the hands of other black people. Black Americans account for 13% of the total US population but 52% of all murderers and 48% of all murder victims. Those numbers are totally out of proportion and must be brought back down to a reasonable number before any outside force blamed for the death of black people on a large scale.

Primary Scare Care Provider

Doctors like Rob Davidson should worry Americans about who their primary healthcare provider is. Are they a raging liberal who goes on television and lies about basic scientific information? Will those lies travel with them to the doctors office while they’re diagnosing and/or assisting you with serious trauma? Davidson’s appearance on CNN confirms what many Americans are now waking up to if they didn’t know before. CNN is trash and there are a ton of people who support and push their propaganda on their behalf.


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