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Barack Obama INSULTS Black Male Trump Supporters And Rappers

Former President Barack Obama insulted black male Trump supporters and rappers in general during an interview with The Atlantic. Obama covered a...

All Legal Votes Matter: The Importance of a Fair Electoral Process

Americans demand justice and reassurance our votes — presidential or local — count, in this election and all elections, especially in the wake of alleged voter fraud.

Obama Says “Put the Country First”, How He’s Wrong to Say That

Joe Biden is not that great of a presidential candidate. So why is Barack Obama pretending that he is? And why does Trump need to concede?

[Opinion] MSM Rush to Call 2020 Presidential Election for Joe Biden

Several outlets announce Joe Biden wins the 2020 Presidential Election as the Trump Campaign pursues legal action.

Democrat Candidate Says Black Male Trump Voters HATE Black Women

A black Democratic candidate by the name of Pam Keith says that nearly 20% of black males who voted for Trump hate...

Election Brief: Final Polls Stalled by Funny Business, Cheating, Fraud?

Voters are convinced, someone is cheating at the 2020 polls. Who is trying to tip the election in their favor?

The 2020 Presidential Election Was A Mess (RECAP)

The 2020 Presidential election featuring the race between President Donald Trump and the Democrat challenger Joe Biden was a complete mess. A...

CDC Guidance Permits Quarantined to Vote in Person?

CDC issued its latest COVID guidelines to help stop the spread at the polls and permits quarantined to vote in person.

Pennsylvania Polls in Peril?; Pelosi Dropping Hints of House Decision

Problems are reported at Pennsylvania polls as watchers are denied entry into voting locations.

Media LIES About The Biden Bus Interaction With Trump Trucks

Mainstream media has a very interesting take on the incident that occurred between a Biden campaign bus and a gathering of Trump...

Lil Wayne Endorses Donald Trump For President & The Haters Are Mad

Rapper and media mogul Lil Wayne gave a full endorsement of Donald Trump for President through a post on Twitter. Conservative politicians...

Giuliani GOES OFF On Fox News’ Kennedy Over Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani had a massive argument with Fox News anchor Kennedy over Hunter Biden's laptop. Giuliani gave...

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President Trump Roasts Reporter’s Turkey on Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day, President Donald Trump addressed the media regarding the 2020 Election and his response to one haughty reporter was glorious.

Barack Obama ATTACKS Hispanic Christian Trump Voters

Barack Obama gave "The Breakfast Club" radio show a 50+ minute interview in which he said many things, including disparaging remarks about...

Salty SJW Panel at MSNBC Calls Thanksgiving ‘Colonizer Christmas’

The social justice turkeys in an MSNBC panel dubbed the Thanksgiving holiday as "Colonizer Christmas."

‘To Hell with AOC’: Lin Wood Roasts Congresswoman During Pirro Interview

Attorney Lin Wood had some choice words for Congresswoman AOC during his interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro.