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CNN Releases #MelaniaTapes To Hurt Melania Trump and it Backfires!

CNN obtained secretly recorded audio of Melania Trump having phone conversations with her former White House aide, Stephanie Wolkoff. Wolkoff is also the First Lady’s former friend, so the conversations were loose and free-wheeling. Melania spoke about a variety of things from the “kids in cages” border detention situation all the way up to Christmas decorations in the White House. Social media has dubbed the recordings as #melaniatapes.

Wolkoff released a book about the First Lady that shall not be named on this website back in September. The purpose of the #melaniatapes release was to apparently promote the aforementioned book and also to damage Trump through Melania. Sort of a proxy war situation where a random country gets thrown into a conflict between two other countries. Although the tapes feature Melania cursing and being dismissive of some issues that the left deem important, many on the right do not see the tapes as damaging.

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Leftist figures online found a way to be offended at the First Lady’s secretly recorded comments. Nevermind the fact that Mrs. Trump’s privacy was violated. US House Rep Ted Lieu found offense at Melania’s comments about Christmas decorations and invoked his own Christianity as a cover.

While Melania did use “foul” language while referring to Christmas, there was no disrespect to anyone’s religion. She simply stated what a lot of people know already which is the fact that Christmas decorations aren’t very important at the White House. As a matter of fact, after the decorations went up, leftist mainstream media couldn’t stop moaning about “kids in cages” at the border.

Melania Trump appeared to be passionate about returning “kids in cages” at the border back to their mothers. She also realized that many of these so-called “kids” had been coached on the things to say when they reached the border in order to gain entry. Such as crying about fleeing dangerous areas and fear of persecution back in their country of origin. Melania scoffed at left-wing journalists who feigned outrage at Trump over “kids in cages” but said nothing when it was Obama doing the exact same thing.

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  1. Like your comments. Yes think she is very authentic. I get her jacket. I think that was awesome. But yeah anyone who tapes you and takes it to a news station? That’s devil behavior. Definitely not Christian.😳

  2. Although I admired Melania’s poise (and taste and beauty), I wondered about her genuine interest in the country. I wonder no more. Sending thanks to the dirtbag-for-a-friend of Melania’s. Once again, a weapon aimed at the Trumps has backfired and boomerangs. Now, I truly like Melania!

  3. Gained more insight to her she truly has a big heart she spoke more concerned about those kids then what the public would say about Xmas decorations she knew no matter what she did the Marxist media was gonna criticize anyway and they did. Micheal oops I meant michelle obama could T/P’d the trees in front of The White House(People’s House ) the media would it looks so wonderful.

  4. WELL DONE – GREAT SHOW! Thank you. I watched the X-22 show with you as the guest and I liked what you said and that you agree with what I’ve told Facebook friends so I will share your videos with them too. It’s a win-win. This is the first time to your website, so I picked the show about Melania because we don’t really hear much about Melania. It was another good show. Melania was spot on with what she said, and decorations are not the point of Christmas. It is more a time for family and friends to gather and share the holiday. It’s a spiritual time too, of course. But, what it’s not, is how many or big the decorations are. So Melalnia was right. And the “friend” of Melania’s shows what kind of person she is, and it’s someone I wouldn’t even want to buy a book from. Bottom line, I like that you zero-in on the salient points – that’s great – and I’ll be sharing your videos with my FB friends and groups.

  5. “Christmas” is not about Jesus Christ in the 1st place. It’s about the ancient Babylonian God Tammuz. I guess Malonia got it Right! Anyway, she has my Respect. She’s a passionate, graceful, beautiful lady and she Deserves our respect. ❣️🙏🌹


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