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Cocaine Found On White House Grounds After Hazmat Evacuation

A white substance that sparked a hazmat evacuation of the White House on Sunday tested positive for cocaine. A preliminary field test was conducted by the local Fire Department to confirm the substance as cocaine, according to captured radio audio. The U.S. Secret Service is still investigating the white powder internally to determine what it was. Shortly after the “substance” was discovered, the hazmat units and police were called off and the area was deemed safe.

The Biden administration, and news media, have been silent on the presence of cocaine in the White House. Such a thing is a dramatic breach of security. The White House is not an easy place to simply walk in. There are multiple points of security present at all times. Coincidentally, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, just so happened to be at the White House on Friday just before the family trip to Camp David for Independence Day. Hunter has a long and documented history of crack cocaine addiction.

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