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Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah: Let Kids Pick Their Own Gender!

Trevor Noah, comedian and host Comedy Central’s “Daily Show,” said that kids should pick their own gender when they get old enough. Noah also said that “gender reveal” parties aren’t necessary and they should be scrapped in favor of “race reveal” parties. There is a back story behind his quotes and they require some context.

There are currently wildfires raging out of control in California and the catalyst that sparked the flames was allegedly an incendiary device similar to a firework at a gender reveal party. The purpose of the device was to explode and show pink or blue smoke to represent “boy or girl.” The explosion apparently caused hot embers to fly in several different directions and catch dry land on fire, which caused a wildfire.

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Using A Natural Disaster To Push Wokeness

Trevor Noah used his “socially distanced” platform to comment on the wildfires and the gender reveal party that allegedly sparked them. He said there is no purpose of a gender reveal party because kids haven’t actually picked their gender yet. As if children have the ability to select either XX or XY chromosomes for themselves at all, let alone at any random time after they are born. Noah is quite simply pushing transgenderism onto children.

Critics of the scientific binary concept of “gender” tend to say that there is a difference between sex and gender. But when they are pressed on that particular issue and asked for specifics, they usually come up empty. Because there is no difference between sex and gender. Either a person is a male or a female. If a person identifies as an extinct dinosaur, that’s fine, but that doesn’t make them that. A person cannot manifest an impossibility. Therefore, gender and sex are not different and there are only two.

Trevor Noah simply used his platform on Comedy Central to push “wokeness” which is unfortunately a very common thing nowadays. Far-leftist extremism manifests itself in different ways. Some manifestations appear benevolent and harmless while others are in-your-face and obviously violent. Noah’s is more of the former. Sprinkle in a little bit of comedy and you have yourself a late-night routine. And just as the “great” Rahm Emanuel said: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

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