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NFL Team Performs “Woke” Anti-Anthem Poem! (VIDEO)

NFL Football team The Miami Dolphins performed what can only be described as a poem via a social media video to describe their anti-anthem stance. The timing of the clip’s release couldn’t be worse with the 19th anniversary of 9/11 happening at the same time. Towards the end of the clip, a Dolphins player explains that the entire clip is their explanation for refusing to take the field for the national anthems. And yes “anthems” is plural in this case.

The NFL has pledged to play both the black “national anthem” (Lift Every Voice And Sing) and also the United States National Anthem during the first week of the season. “End Racism” is also painted on every endzone border area under the goalpost. Some players even have names of proverbial (or legitimate) martyrs on their helmets such as Jacob Blake. Even though Blake is not dead, it’s close enough. All of the aforementioned action is an attempt to become more “woke” as a league and appease crybaby millionaire football players.

Unhappy Millionaires

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Miami Dolphins football players aren’t satisfied with what the NFL has done. They think all of that is empty and just for show. As a result, the Dolphins elected to “stay inside” meaning they will stay inside of the locker room and refuse to participate in the National Anthem pregame ceremony. They also refuse to “come outside” for the “Black National Anthem” during week one. Multiple other teams have done the same with the Black National Anthem because they don’t want to show favor to one song over the other, although they do.

Colin Kaepernick started this “woke” social justice movement in the National Football league about four or five years ago. At that point, everyone watching got the message. Police brutality is bad, racism is bad. Great. Got it. But the “messaging” dragged on… and on… and on to the point where it simply turns people off and defeats the purpose of watching a football game.

Pressures of Life

Polls reveal that the overwhelming majority of sports fans watch games to escape reality. So many stressful things are happening in the world and human beings can only take so much stress on a daily and consistent basis. There must be some type of release, something to look forward to and enjoy.

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If NFL football (and other sports for that matter) simply bring the pressures and stresses of life into a man’s living room, then there is no longer a reason for that man to watch. And when these “woke poets” in the NFL begin to receive less pay, then they’ll understand that their social justice warrior crusade is not free.


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  1. Wow….I guess since you can’t win games, do whatever you can to get attention. I hope people realize how hypocritical they clowns are..none of them live in or near a ghetto, none of these players has been seen anywhere near the media or standing up for a cause til the season starts and the cameras are rolling, where is their passion for justice when the cameras aren’t around….I’ll tell you it’s fake 90% of these “professional” athletes could care less, they barely donate money, and damn sure don’t donate there time even before Corona. This is why the NFL will have its lowest ratings in history, people go to games to watch football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, nascar to get away and enjoy themselves, not be bombarded and forced to listen to political BS.
    Do Your Job! play the game your getting millions of dollars for, if you want to protest, there are 6 other days of the week and a the whole off season.

  2. Those black privilege players living in the white privilege gated community, sending their children to private schools for the privileged’ hiring a staff clean the 10 bathroom mansion oops forgot the landscapers. having to make that tough decision which spinners to put on the Bentley. Gee they are so oppressed and always the victim. then they feel guilty call their agent, to call accountant , make donation of $10,000 in my name to a charity gotta go the water in my jacuzzi is getting cold. man they are so traumatized from those evil white racist and systemic racism and all the other ist n isms. the agony


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