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Concealed Carry Permit Stripped From California Homeowner Who Fought Off Home Invaders

California has temporarily suspended the concealed carry permit of Vince Ricci, the homeowner in the viral attempted home invasion video. Ricci successfully defended his home against two armed men who ambushed him as he approached his home coming back from the gym. This is not the first time Ricci’s wealthy home has been targeted. Thieves previously broke into the home while his family, including his wife and newborn baby, were not home. There was another incident that happened outside of the home. Ricci has been a repeated target of criminals, which makes the revocation of his concealed carry permit that much more concerning.

Vince Ricci says the official reason he was given for the permit suspension was that he “yelled” at police officers. He was not satisfied with the job they did at the crime scene after he had to fire shots to defend himself. Although officers may not appreciate being yelled at, that excuse does not seem to measure up to the standard upon which one has their right to bear arms stripped away.

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Californians are allowed to use weapons to defend their homes while at home, but to carry the weapon outside of the home is a different story. Some may make the argument that Ricci is still able to defend himself and his family at home even without the concealed carry permit. However, it was necessary to have his weapon in the concealed carry position on the day of the viral video because he was entering the home from being out when the attack happened. If his guns were inside the home, they would have done him no good.


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