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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Announces Deep Budget Cuts Due To Migrant Crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announces deep budget cuts for the upcoming fiscal year due to a $7 billion budget shortfall. Adams says the key issue contributing to the budget shortfall is the migrant crisis. Over 130,000 migrants have flooded the city in about one year. The city has been searching for ways to accommodate the never-ending flow of people in an already densely populated place. Landmark locations such as the Roosevelt Hotel have become run-down migrant encampments. So-called “anchor babies” are being born at the Roosevelt at a rate that is probably the highest for one location anywhere in the world. The migrant problem in NYC is unsustainable, yet it persists and the price tag is astronomical.

Mayor Adams has proposed a NYPD hiring freeze that would reduce the number of available officers to below 30,000. This move would reduce the police force to a size not seen since the 1980s when the city had over one million fewer people. The city’s Department of Education will see a budget cut by $1 billion over two years. This will impact summer school and prekindergarten programs. Also, programs to mitigate the rat population in Staten Island and The Bronx will be limited.

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Mayor Eric Adams Says N.Y.C. Will Slash Budgets For Police, Libraries and Schools – The New York Times

Mayor Eric Adams on X: “For months, we have warned New Yorkers about the challenging fiscal situation our city faces. Read about our November 2023 Financial Plan Update now:” / X

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