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Congressman Jamaal Bowman Pulls Fire Alarm Before Vote On Government Spending Bill

Democratic Congressman from New York Jamaal Bowman pulled a fire alarm in a House office building just before the vote on a Government spending bill took place. The Sergeant at Arms and Capitol Police requested to speak to Bowman after the fact, to which he obliged. Pulling a fire alarm when there is no fire at a secure place like Capitol Hill is pretty serious and could be a criminal offense. Several people being prosecuted for January 6th are facing charges for such incidents. Bowman says that pulling the fire alarm was an accident and he did so because he was rushing to try and get to the floor to enter his vote. However, Bowman’s history makes his explanation difficult to believe. Many of his colleagues believe he did this to interfere with the spending bill voting procedure.

Jamaal Bowman was an educator in his career before politics. He was once the principal of a middle school. Grade school is typically where most people learn about fire alarms. Obviously, a school principal should know how such things work. Bowman, however, says that he pulled the alarm by mistake and he didn’t realize that it would set off an alarm throughout the building. He was simply trying to exit a door that is usually open but was not open at the time he attempted to go through it. This explanation does not make sense because the sign on the door said “push” to open. The fire alarm on the wall next to the door and away from the sign had nothing to do with the door.

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