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Matt Gaetz Wants Kevin McCarthy Out As Speaker Of The House

Republican House Rep Matt Gaetz wants Kevin McCarthy out as Speaker of the House due to his personal lack of confidence in his leadership. The recent drama that nearly caused a Government shutdown was spearheaded by Matt Gaetz, according to some Republicans. The spat between Gaetz and McCarthy has been going on for quite some time. Earlier in the year after Republicans gained control of the House, there was a battle over who would be the speaker. Toward the end of the multiple rounds of voting without resolution, Gaetz was one of the remaining holdouts who refused to confirm McCarthy. Ultimately, McCarthy became Speaker. And the Government spending bill did pass just recently, despite the protest maneuvering from Gaetz.


Kevin McCarthy shrugs off Matt Gaetz seeking to oust him as speaker

Matt Gaetz says he will attempt to boot McCarthy from speakership

House GOP members seek to expel Gaetz amid renewed threat to vacate House Speaker McCarthy | Fox News

Democrats expected to decide fate of McCarthy’s speakership – POLITICO

Matt Gaetz Says He Will Move to Oust Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker – The New York Times

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