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County Commissioner From Viral Drunk Video To Sue Over Her Termination

Felicia Franklin, the Atlanta-area elected official from the recent viral drunk video, plans to sue over her termination. Franklin was on the Board of Commissioners in Clayton County as the Vice Chair. She was unanimously voted out after the aforementioned video of her hit the internet. Franklin claimed she was drugged in a bar and wound up unconscious outside of the establishment as a result. Surveillance footage inside the bar and police body camera video told another story. Franklin voluntarily consumed wine, beer, and liquor and none of the drinks were tampered with. She claims she was that GHB was given to her. The body camera video shows her screaming, cursing, and crying… behaviors that are inconsistent with being on GHB.


Clayton County lawmaker ousted over questionable night caught on video plans to sue

Collin Rugg on X: “NEW: Georgia lawmaker Felicia Franklin who was found passed out in the street after a wild night out, will be suing Clayton County for removing her from her position. The man she punched should be suing her. Franklin appears to think *she* is the victim even though she was…” / X

Ex-Clayton County Commissioner Booted from Job After Being Found Passed Out Drunk By Police Now Plans to Sue

Georgia lawmaker found allegedly passed out drunk in street is suing county for booting her as vice chair

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