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Data Says Most New York COVID Hospitalizations Come From Those Who Were Staying Home!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released a study done by the local Government relating to COVID-19 (coronavirus) hospitalizations in New York State. Cuomo labeled the results as “shocking.” The data reveal 66% of hospitalized New Yorkers with COVID were sheltering in place (at home) before their hospital admission. 18% of those hospitalized were in a nursing home. Only 2% of New Yorkers hospitalized with COVID are homeless.

Maybe Andrew Cuomo was shocked because he didn’t think that the constantly repeated slogan “stay home, stop the spread, save lives” would come into question. But the data don’t lie.

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Data like this exist all over the country. The same obvious conclusions are reached time and time again. Staying at home to prevent the spread and contraction of COVID does not appear to work. Going outside and continuing a normal routine looks like the better option. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) praised Sweden as the model going forward. Sweden never had a lockdown. All they did was issue recommendations to their citizens on social distancing.

New York – especially New York City – is the most hard-hit area in the country. A clear picture is beginning to unfold as to why. If COVID an airborne disease then surely it can travel through air ducts. NYC has plenty of highrise buildings that may share air ducts. Legionnaire’s disease spread through air ducts. It could be a similar situation here.

Data reveal African Americans and Latinos living downstate (New York City) as most adversely affected by the virus. US Surgeon General Jerome Adams gave us a reason why that is. Blacks and Hispanics tend to live in poor conditions financially and physically. Poor diets in unsanitary environments. Combine an awful, fat-filled diet with the roaches and rats of New York City highrise buildings. Places that they are confined to for weeks and months at a time. Recipe for disaster.

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Any person or Government as a whole who sees the recent COVID data from New York should wake up and take notice. Stay-at-home orders are not effective. Getting the economy back rolling and getting people out of their homes is effective.

Some states politicians say they won’t open up until a COVID vaccine or “effective treatment” comes along. That may take years. Within one month, over 20 million people became officially unemployed in the United States. Not to mention those who became underemployed. All for what? To tell people to shelter in place, only so they can become sicker?

Day by day, more and more virus DATA gets revealed. And the DATA clearly tells us that our current course of action is not appropriate. It’s time to get back to work and stop this failed “social-distancing” and “shelter-in-place” madness. It is not helping our health or the economy.

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