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The Lincoln Project Are 2020’s “Never Trumpers”

A group who label themselves Republicans, former Republicans, and partyless conservatives formed a new PAC called “The Lincoln Project“. According to their website, The Lincoln Project “is holding accountable those who would violate their oaths to the Constitution and would put others before Americans.” That statement sounds great on paper. Why would anyone be against it? There are, of course, some issues here. If you simply take a gander at the members of this political action committee, the true story begins to reveal itself.

The Lincoln Project is chock full of “never-Trumpers” that label themselves as conservatives and/or Republicans. From top to bottom. The real goal of the group is to sow discord in the Republican party. And also, to prevent another Donald Trump presidency. The group has raised nearly three million dollars so far. Mostly from small donations of less than $200.

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How the group spends the money they raise is cause for concern. Many politicos in DC are referring to the group as a SCAM PAC. Meaning, most of the money the group raises goes right back into their own personal pockets. Guys like Reed Galen paying himself nearly one million dollars from the group to make ads. When he could easily do it for free or next to free. Guys like Rick Wilson promoting their anti-Trump book on the group’s website.

This seems to be not much more than what the cool kids call “grifting.”

The Lincoln Project Janky Billboard

It’s not quite clear if the group has a plan to carry out their suspected goal of defeating President Trump. Not yet, at least. What they have done so far is create a bunch of ads. Television, print, and of course … online. A picture of an old, janky-looking billboard that faced a Donald Trump rally appeared on Twitter. It did not get great rave reviews. The Lincoln Project spent over a quarter million dollars on anti-Trump Facebook ads. The impact of said ads? That’s up for discussion.

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The biggest splash from the group was made from a television ad that is also running online. It reaches into a pretty low place by exploiting the Chinese virus and blaming it on Trump. The ad caters to people who do not understand much about politics and simply hate the President for no good reason.

Reporters asked President Trump about the ad from TLP while getting ready to board a helicopter at the White House. He correctly pointed out that the anti-Trump PAC is full of losers and haters, especially George Conway – the husband of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway. Trump also said that instead of naming their hateful group “The Lincoln Project” after a great man in Abraham Lincoln, they should call it the “Losers Project.”

General election time is nearly upon us. In about six months, the next President will be known. The Lincoln Project is either desperately trying to prevent Trump from being re-elected… or they are trying to line their pockets from fearful Americans. Or maybe it’s both.

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