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Dalai Lama Apologizes For Asking A Young Boy To “Suck His Tongue”

The Dalai Lama issued an apology in reference to a now-viral video featuring him asking a little boy to suck his tongue. The Tibetan religious leader was at an event with plenty of spectators that was obviously being recorded. A young boy came up to the front of the desk/podium where the Dalai Lama was sitting and asked if he could hug him. After some discussion with a couple of handlers in the back, the Dalai Lama agreed. He hugged the boy and told him to give him a kiss on the cheek. Unfortunately, their interaction with each other did not stop there.

The video got very uncomfortable and stepped into the territory of obvious abuse. Social media lit up with outrage toward the 87-year-old man. Many people were stunned that he would do such a thing in front of so many people. The apology from the Dalai Lama essentially said that people took the interaction between him and the young boy the wrong way. But the video speaks much louder than any poor excuse of an apology could.

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