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Unskilled Trans Ballet Dancer Sophie Rebecca Accepted Into The Royal Ballet Academy

Sophie Rebecca, a 6’3″ trans former rally truck driver and IT tech, has been accepted into the Royal Ballet Academy. Rebecca did not start ballet until age 33, which is considered ancient by ballet standards. Most ballet dancers start at a very young age, sometimes even before they start grade school.

Video of Sophie Rebecca attempting some ballet moves has essentially gone viral. Rebecca has a very large male frame, better suited for football or possibly MMA, not ballet. The dance moves were clunky, at best. It is baffling that such an unskilled dancer would come anywhere close to becoming part of an institution with the best dancers in the country.

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A professional ballet dancer on Twitter created a thread about just how unskilled Sophie Rebecca actually is. Many ballet enthusiasts agreed with the thread, stating that this looks more like a charity case than an actual person with talent being accepted into a prestigious ballet academy.

Actions like this tear away the legitimacy of women’s sports. It is part of a pattern that has been happening over the past few years. Sometimes biological men insert themselves into women’s spaces and have no skill just for diversity points. Other times, biological men become dominant in women’s spaces due to their unfair biological advantages, i.e. Lia Thomas in Women’s NCAA Swimming.


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