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Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Spotted In A 1957 Picture Featuring A Group Of Anti-Integration Protesters

A picture that is at least 65 years old has resurfaced showing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in the crowd of white males who were apparently protesting school integration. The picture comes from North Little Rock High School. The city is infamous for being ground zero for school integration. Iconic pictures were captured of the first group of black students being admitted to all-white schools. The “Little Rock Nine” came from nearby Central Little Rock High.

This was part of forced integration where all-white and all-black schools were “diversified” by plans that usually led to kids being bussed across town. Jerry Jones was 14 or 15 years old in the picture and he doesn’t appear to be saying or doing anything. He is in the background of the photo. Yet, his presence in the picture alone is enough for some to label him as a racist supporter of segregation. Jones has spoken out about the picture and said that he is glad that we, as a nation, are beyond those times.

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