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Kanye (Ye) West Has A Disastrous Dinner With Donald Trump

Kanye (Ye) West and Donald Trump had a dinner meeting at Mar-A-Lago that reportedly wound up being a complete disaster. Ye is apparently running for President in 2024 as is Trump. The purpose of the actual dinner is not quite clear. An obvious question would be “why are two Presidential hopefuls having dinner together?” It doesn’t seem like the dinner would help Trump at all nor would it really help Ye. Either way, the dinner happened.

Trump and Ye were not the only two people in attendance. Ye decided to bring one of the most toxic and controversial figures from the internet with him – Nick Fuentes. Another very toxic/controversial person may have been at the dinner with Kanye – Milo Yiannopoulous. Milo and Ye had a discussion about the dinner afterward which Ye uploaded to his Twitter page.

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According to a source that relayed information to Timcast, the dinner became a mess after Trump walked away to take a phone call. Upon his return, Trump hurled all sorts of insults at Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The keyword the source said was “disgusting” which was used to describe Kim. During Ye’s “Mar-A-Lago debrief” video with Milo, Kanye confirmed that Trump hurled insults at Kim. Ye said the specific words that Trump allegedly used but they were “bleeped” out. The censoring of the words was not very good and it sounds like Ye said Trump called Kim a “disgusting human being”. This lines up with the Timcast report.

The Timcast source further goes on to say that there was a large group of people lined up to take pictures with Kanye, but nobody was really there to take pictures of Trump alone. At the end of it, Trump was beyond ready for Ye and all of his people to leave, repeatedly asking if the “car was here”.


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