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Daniel Penny Speaks Out For The First Time Publicly After The Jordan Neely Subway Incident

Daniel Penny has spoken out publicly for the first time after the Jordan Neely incident on the New York City subway system. On May 1st of this year, Penny and Neely had a confrontation on the subway that ultimately ended with Neely’s death. Picture and video of Penny holding Neely in a neck restraint on the subway floor hit the internet and went viral.

Other passengers assisted Penny, but of course, the focus was on him, not them. Penny has been accused of holding the restraint too long in an attempt to injure or kill Neely. He has also been accused of being a racist. He gave a public statement to dispute those allegations.

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Jordan Neely was, at one point, a Michael Jackson impersonator in and around NYC’s subway. Numerous videos and pictures surfaced after his untimely death. However, he had not done that act in quite a while. When Neely and Penny came in contact with one another, multiple witnesses say that Neely was behaving in a threatening and possibly intoxicated manner.

Penny says that Neely was behaving in a way that threatened the safety of passengers, many of whom were people of color. This flies in the face of the “racist” narrative. He sprung into action to protect them but not to harm Neely. Penny says the so-called “chokehold” was done to simply restrain the erratic man until police arrived. Other passengers “of color” assisted Penny in this effort, again, flying in the face of the “racism” allegation.

Daniel Penny is facing a manslaughter charge due to the neck restraint that is believed to have caused Jordan Neely’s death.

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