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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Was Secretly Hospitalized For A Week

Nobody bothered to alert President Joe Biden that his Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, was hospitalized for a week. Austin was in the ICU for three days of his week-long stint at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The nature of Austin’s stay has not been disclosed. All that has been revealed and confirmed by the Pentagon is that Austin was at Walter Reed after an elective procedure. All signs point toward the 70-year-old Defense Secretary doing just fine.

However, there is an issue here because Austin is sixth in line of succession from the President and refused to even alert anyone of his hospitalization. Before going to Walter Reed, Austin appointed the Deputy Secretary to his position without telling her why he was doing so. The Biden Administration has often categorized itself as being the most ‘transparent,’ but secretive hospital visits like this and other incidents throughout Biden’s time in office make that statement appear as a joke at best.

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