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Delta Loses Woman’s Dog In Airport Offers 1800 Not For Compensation

Delta Airlines offered a woman $1800 after they lost her dog in Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. The woman was on her way to San Francisco from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since she was not a United States citizen, she needed to have certain credentials to enter the country. There was a problem with her paperwork and she was ultimately put on a plane back home to the Dominican Republic.

Customs and Border Patrol first ordered the woman to spend the night in a detention center. The dog that she had on the plane with her was not allowed to go to the center and was instead kept in custody at the airport. When the woman returned to the airport to retrieve her dog and go back home, the dog was gone. She was later informed that the dog escaped its kennel and could not be found. As of the writing of this article, the dog is still missing. Delta offered the woman $1,800 for the lost dog, although they say this payment is not compensation.

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