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Tucker Carlson Interviews Alleged Obama Lover Larry Sinclair

Tucker Carlson interviewed an alleged lover of former President Barack Obama, a man named Larry Sinclair. This interview is set to premiere on “X” (formerly Twitter) at 6 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, September 6th, 2023. Sinclair says that his gay interaction with the former President happened back in 1999. At the time, Obama was a United States Senator from Illinois. Sinclair says that he did not know who Obama was at the time, and he was introduced to him by chance of being in the same location as him at the time. Sinclair says that in addition to their alleged male-on-male physical contact, Barack Obama also smoked crack with him.

Sinclair’s story is not new. He has been repeating the same story about himself and Barack Obama since at least the 2008 Presidential Campaign. The media did a fair job of discrediting him. Several news articles highlight Sinclair’s own admitted drug problem, his criminal history that involved him being a con artist and more. There were even rumors of Sinclair dying. Through all of the efforts of external forces to discredit and/or ignore Sinclair, Obama has not responded to any of the allegations. Obama has also never resorted to legal action such as suing Sinclair for defamation and/or slander. Just the same as Obama has yet to respond to the letter that he wrote to a college girlfriend in which he admitted to fantasizing about sex with men.

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