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Democrats Desperately Want GOP House Rep George Santos To Resign Over “Lying” On His Resume

A newly-elected LGBT GOP House Rep by the name of George Santos is facing calls to resign by Democrats over lying on his resume. There are two main issues that he allegedly “exaggerated” or outright lied about. The first is his religion. He previously claimed to be Jewish. In reality, however, he is actually Catholic. Santos explained the discrepancy with his religion over a joke he tells about being Jew…ish. Meaning, both of his grandparents are Jewish and they escaped from Germany to Brazil during the war. He may not be Jewish but his grandparents on one side are. Then there was the flub about working for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. He did not actually work for those companies but he did work at a place that services them.

George Santos’s “lies” or “exaggerations” on his resume seem like child’s play compared to some of the whoppers other members of Congress have told. There is a mountain of material to jump into when it comes to former Senator, now President Joe Biden. Some of his lies might actually be criminal, such as the more recent “I never talked to my son about his Chinese business dealings”. Then there is Elizabeth Warren also known as Pocahontas. She claimed to be Native American for years. There is even paperwork she submitted while being a college professor which may have helped her get that position. To throw salt in the wound, she even submitted to a DNA test recently. She pointed toward a 1/1024th percent of Native blood as being a Native American. Nobody really says that Biden or Warren should resign because of these “resume lies”. Especially not the left.

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The reason Santos is being attacked in his way is most likely due to his recent election. He flipped a blue state to red in New York, which is a blue state. If that flip is indicative of a pattern, or if it starts a pattern, then Democrats will have an issue. Santos is also gay and married to a man. If he is able to influence a lot of the LGBT community to become conservative voters, that also spells a problem for Democrats. Then, there is the issue of Santos being Latino from Brazil. He checks off so many demographic and special interest group markers that he is seen as dangerous by the DNC establishment. He may even be seen as dangerous by the GOP establishment. This means that the dirty election tactics have to go into overdrive in an effort to remove George Santos from office before he even serves one day.


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