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Elderly Buffalo Man Rescued By Good Samaritans From Historic Blizzard

An elderly man named “Joey” was rescued from a historic blizzard in Buffalo, New York after the pair heard his cries for help. The man, who suffers from mental challenges, apparently worked his theater job when the Blizzard happened. He may have gotten scared and decided to stay over. At a certain point, he probably left the theater to walk home. Considering the four feet of snow and freezing conditions in Buffalo, this was not really possible. When the good samaritans found him, he had nearly frozen to death. Frostbite severely damaged his hands. He was holding a Wegman’s grocery store bag and the handle was fused to his skin due to freezing.

Joey’s socks were so frozen that they had to be cut off. One of the people who rescued Joey, Sha’Kyra Aughtry, posted a desperate video of herself to Facebook pleading for help. She was able to recover Joey with the help of her boyfriend and administer first aid, but they needed to get him to a hospital. This was, of course, a very tall task considering the amount of snow on the roads. Eventually, neighbors arrived at Aughtry’s residence with a truck and tools to plow the snow. Joey was driven to ECMC hospital and he is currently in the burn unit to treat his severe frostbite.

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Western NY death toll rises to 28 from cold, storm chaos | AP News

Death toll climbs to at least 35 in western New York after historic blizzard

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