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Denver Mayor Cuts City Employee Hours To Zero To Pay For Migrant Crisis

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced the reduction of some city employees’ hours to zero to pay for the migrant crisis. Over $4 million was requested from the city to take care of miscellaneous expenses related to the influx of people from the Southern Border. A solution to cut hours completely from some employees was devised to shore up the difference. However, the city did not fire these employees, although a complete lack of hours and work is indistinguishable from those affected. This appears to be more of a PR move, so the media cannot say the city of Denver, Colorado, laid off city employees to pay for the migrant crisis.


Some city employees’ hours cut as part of Denver budget cuts | 9news.com

Furloughs, layoffs for Denver city workers under consideration with looming budget cuts – CBS Colorado

Denver cutting some city employees’ hours down to zero in order to support migrants | Fox News

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