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Terrence Bradley Gives Shaky Testimony About Fani Willis And Nathan Wade

After shaky testimony from Wade’s former law partner, Terrence Bradley, Fani Willis and Nathan Wade are still in hot water. Wade and Bradley worked on the election interference case involving Donald Trump together until Bradley was removed from the firm after allegations of abusing women.

In a possible act of revenge against Wade for being ousted from the firm he founded, Bradley may have fed information about Nathan and Fani to the opposition’s lawyers. Michael Roman’s lawyer, Ashleigh Merchant, says she has receipts of text messages from Bradley stating that Nathan and Fani started their relationship in 2019, not in 2022, as the two of them had stated in court. The relevance of this timeline is that it may point to why Nathan’s firm was appointed in November 2021. This may also be evidence that the $650,000 Wade’s firm was paid could have been part of a kickback scheme fueled by Nathan and Fani’s romantic relationship.

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Bradley was deemed the “star witness” of Fani Willis’s eligibility investigation. Bradley tried to invoke attorney-client privilege to avoid taking the stand and talking about his former partner’s relationship with Fani Willis. Judge Scott McAfee denied this request; therefore, Bradley was forced to answer questions on the stand in court. What ensued next was nothing short of a dumpster fire. Even when faced with hard evidence of the texts he sent to Ashleigh Merchant, he repeatedly pulled the “I don’t recall” card.


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