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DeSantis, Florida Government Revoke Liquor License From Miami Hotel Over Drag Show With Minors Present

Ron DeSantis and the Florida Government are seeking to revoke the liquor license of Hyatt Regency Miami over hosting a drag queen show that allowed children to attend. The event in question happened during the Christmas holiday. Initial flyers marketed the show as something for all ages, which is against current Florida law.

The state capitol found out details about the show before it actually took place and decided to send a warning letter. The website for the drag queen show was changed to say “recommended 18+” instead of “all ages”. And, of course, minors were still photographed at the event. Although all of the minors (supposedly) had adult chaperones, this was still a clear violation of Florida law. As a result, the liquor license for Hyatt Regency Miami is being revoked.

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This action will prevent the hotel from serving any alcohol, effectively killing their bar. Any events that charter the hotel to host their event will also not be able to serve alcohol. Some would say that the DeSantis administration is going too far with recent “culture war” actions. Others say that the Governor is doing just right. Because if no action is taken against extremists in society, their agenda will not only be met, but it will progress.


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