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Detroit Area City Bans Pride Flag From Display On City-Owned Property

The Detroit-area city of Hamtramck, Michigan has passed a resolution to ban the “pride” flag from city-owned property. The city has not banned it from personal use. They have also issued a ban on other religious and political flags. The only flags allowed to fly on city property are the flags of Michigan, Hamtramck, the United States, the POW WAR flag, and flags of other nations represented in the community.

Hamtramck has an all-Muslim City Council, so it is reasonable to assume that decision was driven by conservative religious ideology. Neighboring Dearborn, Michigan has a similar community makeup with a similar ideology. However, there are some people in Hamtramck who do not agree with the City Council’s decision. One such person expressed her grievance while wearing a red clown nose and a horizontal black-and-white striped shirt. She capped off her anti-pride-flag-ban speech with a kiss on the lips of her female partner, which did not sit well with obviously religious Muslim men in the crowd.

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