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Heavily Armed IRS Agents Raid Montana Gun Store, Seizing Purchase Records

Heavily armed IRS and ATF agents descended upon a Great Falls, Montana gun store and seized purchase records. To be specific, all of the store’s 4473 forms were seized by these Federal agencies. Every person who purchases a gun in a store is required by law to fill out those forms. At least 20 agents arrived at Highland Creek Outfitters, owned by Tom Van Hoose, at 7am local time. They effectively closed the store, as the owner was only able to conduct business for about 30 minutes the whole day.

It is not clear why the store was raided, or why the IRS and ATF joined forces on the raid. According to Hoose, his store has been under heavy surveillance by federal agencies, including OSHA, for the past two years. Highland Creek Outfitters says they are the largest online retailer of guns according to a blurb on their website. Hoose says his gun store also sells certain styles of weapons that the Government doesn’t like, such as AR-15s and AK-47s.

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Developing Story: IRS/ATF Raid on Great Falls Gun Store?

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Great Falls gun shop re-opens after a visit from federal agents

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