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Did A Fan Actually Yell A Racial Slur At A Duke University Volleyball Player?

A fan from Brigham Young University (BYU) was banned after allegedly yelling racial slurs at a Duke University volleyball player. Duke’s women’s volleyball team was visiting BYU in Utah. The slurs allegedly happened every time the player served the ball. A police officer was allegedly placed close by Duke’s bench due to a threat against the black player. The problem is that witnesses who were sitting in the student section where the slur allegedly came from say they did not hear it. Campus police also say that the person who was accused of yelling the slur probably did not do it.

The player in question also has a godmother running for office who is a strong liberal Democrat. The godmother also tweeted about her goddaughter’s racial incident before she announced it herself. It may be inappropriate to label this completely as a hoax, but it is most certainly leaning towards “hoax”. At best, it is a misunderstanding. At worst, it is a hoax that has damaged the reputation of a man and a school.

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  1. Absolutely hilarious! Both schools, facility security, and police have all reviewed all of the video footage and NONE of it shows anyone doing any of what this lying POS and her anti-white racist cunt of a nigger mother said happened. The fan who was kicked out and banned from all future events didnt do any of what they were accused of, other than being white and male, of course.

    She should be kick off the team, expelled from the university and arrested on inciting hate crime charges by the police ultimately leading to jail time and fines.

    Its exactly like that loser black actor, whos name I never knew and forgot within 1 second, who cried foul, claiming racist attacks etc., had BLM and all those buffalo soldier hypocritical nigger al sharpton ben crump types all of which turned out to be a big fat nigger lie.

    Since they claimed white men were calling her “N-word”, but they werent, now these people are the very definition of the word “nigger” and deservedly should be labelled as such, branded forever, yelled at any and everywhere they go in public today, like the niggers they are.

  2. The boy who cried wolf.

    This is precisely what happens where in a society like ours children are being taught CRT which is nothing more than anti-white racism and conditioned to believe they are owed something by everyone not black skin colored. They become emboldened to act in a delusional manner such as this. I agree with the above comment about this “token N—er”. She should be expelled from the school and sitting her ass in a jail cell for a year or two. The person who was booted out and banned should file a civil suit against all of the above!


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