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Did Popular Rapper “Gunna” Snitch To Get Out Of Jail?

Popular rapper “Gunna” has been released from jail after about a year in custody as part of a RICO plea bargain. Gunna was accused of being part of the Atlanta-area “YSL” gang (Young Slime Life). YSL has been accused of being involved with 50 murders since around 2014. Another popular rapper, Young Thug, was arrested and jailed around the same time as Gunna. He is still in jail, possibly headed to prison after trial, with other alleged YSL members. Since Gunna has been released via plea bargain and other YSL members are still in jail, the allegation is that Gunna “snitched” or became an informant in exchange for his release. Gunna has vehemently denied any allegations of cooperation. His lawyer has as well. But the rumors persist.


Atlanta rapper Gunna pleads guilty in RICO case, released from jail

DJ Akademiks on Twitter: “A fan left cheese in front of a maybach truck they claim is owned by Gunna. Do fans care too much if a artist snitched or not?” / Twitter

Fani Willis: The Atlanta district attorney leading an investigation into Trump and Young Thug | CNN Politics

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