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Rutgers Pledges Allegiance To BLM By Declaring Grammar RACIST!

The English Department at Rutgers University has essentially declared grammar racist in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Chair of the department, Rebecca Walkowitz, sent out an email on Juneteenth with a list of “tangible” next steps to aid in the “eradication” of “anti-black” racism. Walkowitz even used a brand-new term for non-whites called “BIPOC” (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) for a few extra woke points.

Where Is All Of This Coming From?

The decision to make the drastic change at the English Department at Rutgers comes amid turmoil in academia following the death of George Floyd. A flurry of workshops are being thrown at teachers to educate them about everything from racial sensitivity to police brutality. In the aforementioned context, Rebecca Walkowitz decides to go above and beyond to lay a few items at the altar of Black Lives Matter (BLM).

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Sifting through the Professor’s email is akin to swimming in a pool of molasses. Not easy. Walkowitz tends to use word salad to conceal the lack of sensible argument, which is understandable in this particular situation. How could a person logically explain the concept of “decolonizing the writing center?” There are a few other crazy promises in Walkowitz’s letter that truly stand out. But the overall sentiment of the letter is what’s key.

Rutgers Makes The Case Against Itself

If Rutgers is represented by their professors, then Rutgers has a racist stance on their non-white student body. The letter essentially lets non-white students off the hook for grammatical mistakes. All sorts of excuses are provided for them in advance. And in order to make excuses for a group of people before they make a mistake, an assumption is made that they will make mistakes.

Every person in the world makes mistakes. Especially young college students. But it is not correct to assume which mistakes a student will make based on their skin color. This is outright prejudice. And the purpose of college is to gain an education and correct as many mistakes as possible. It simply does not sense to pay high amounts of money, in most cases as much as a home mortgage, on a college education if no education is happening.

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Lazy Teachers Don’t Challenge Students

Pushing non-white (or BIPOC as the woke administrators say) students through school without being properly educated is racist. It should also be tantamount to fraud, especially when the student is paying for said education out of pocket. Because when a student who has constantly been coddled all throughout life reaches adulthood and ventures out into the world, it will be a rude awakening. Employers of high-paying jobs don’t like hiring functionally illiterate people.

Rebecca Walkowitz, and other department heads like her, should not be allowed to behave this way. Lowering the bar for non-white students when it comes to grammar simply puts less work on the teachers’ back, makes the student feel good, and keeps the gravy train rolling. All in the name of Black Lives Matter and general social justice.

If Black Lives Matter like woke leftists say it does, then non-white students should be held to the same academic performance standard as everyone else.

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