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Doctors Give An American Woman Incorrect Plastic Surgery In Mexico

Doctors in Tijuana, Mexico gave a 65-year-old American woman an incorrect surgery. The woman went to the establishment for skin-tightening surgery after massive weight loss. She had visited the location before for another procedure and everything went well. This time, however, was not the same as the others.

Instead of getting a procedure on her loose skin, she was given breast implants and also a Brazilian butt lift, known as a BBL. The procedures will cost $75,000 to reverse. The breast implants are not only unwanted but unsustainable as they are too large for her skin to naturally form around them. She has contacted authorities and the advice she’s gotten has been to contact the FBI to see if they can help. She was also told to contact her bank to see if there is something they can do to reverse the charges she was forced to pay to the Tijuana hospital.

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Collin Rugg on X: “NEW: A 65-year old American woman traveled to Mexico to get a skin-tightening surgery but woke up to breast implants and a Brazilian Butt Lift instead. Kimberly McCormick is fuming after she is left with $75,000 in expected bills after a Mexico plastic surgery center performed…” / X

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