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Dodge Will Discontinue Gas Versions Of Charger And Challenger By 2024

Dodge has announced that they will discontinue the iconic gas versions of their Challenger and Charger models effective at the end of 2023. These vehicles will be replaced with all-electric versions in 2024. This is a perplexing move, considering how well these vehicles sell. They are probably the top muscle/sports cars in the United States. Only the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang come close.

Sources with knowledge of the industry say that Dodge was essentially forced between a rock and a hard place. The industry is changing and Dodge needed to “adapt or get left behind”. This could be in reference to the sweeping global initiative to reduce carbon emissions. The Charger and Challenger are notorious for their V8 Hemi engines that roar loudly at night in major cities across America. Powerful gas engines like that require quite a bit of fuel because they do not do well with gas mileage.

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This is the same fate the Toyota Tundra fell to when their V8 engines were discontinued in favor of V6 after over a decade of the same model engine being one of the top sellers in the country. The promise from Toyota as it relates to the newer engines is similar to the promise from Dodge. Concerns of loss of power due to fewer cylinders are the same concern for an all-electric vehicle. But both companies promise their vehicles will still be just as powerful as their predecessors. However… only time will truly tell if that promise is kept.


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