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Controversial Party Videos Featuring Finland’s Prime Minister Leak

Sanna Marin, Finland’s 36-year-old Prime Minister, is the center of controversy after videos of her partying at someone’s home and a nightclub have surfaced. Critics say that it is unbecoming of a Prime Minister to film herself in such compromising and unprofessional environments. There is especially an issue with the video of her in a club with an unknown man. They get very intimate as it relates to their distance from each other. The problem with this is that Marin is married. Many people disregard all of the aforementioned. Supporters say she is 36, not 66, and she is just having a good time. They say that as long as she is doing an excellent job as leader of Finland, then her off-the-clock activities shouldn’t matter.


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    Yeah cause any person in any position of power absolutely under zero circumstances is allowed to act like a human being. One wrong word, wrong wrong move, in our self-imploding brink of civil war 2 cultureless society, career is over, social life over, and you’re publicly burned at the stake. We need more laws protecting us from such abysmal behavior! God forbid anyone should ever do their job AND have non-violent, non-deviant, non-criminal FUN during off time. 21st century Americans are so fucking stupid.. anything in life that could be considered fun needs to be torn down and banished along with a slew of laws with serious consequences prohibiting further incidents.

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  2. Yawn…

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  3. Agreed. Why go all of the way to Finland to pick on some woman who is just enjoying her life and not harming others in the process? We are such hypocrites. We need not look further than our very own backyards and our elected officials consistently year after year, all across the country, not only totally ineffective in their job position, but being busted for fraud, drugs, sex crimes etc. Our government, laws and society have become one big cesspool and yet, we still point fingers at everyone else. We are such hypocrites.

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