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Don Lemon Raises Valid Point About The US Women’s National Soccer Team Taking Half Of Men’s Earnings

Don Lemon of CNN gave an unexpected take on the idea of equal pay as it relates to the US Women’s National Soccer Team at the World Cup. Quite a bit of lobbying (complaining) from members of the USWNT including Megan Rapinoe resulted in what essentially amounts to a revenue-sharing deal. The deal that was reached earlier this year affects the money that the men’s team wins as they advance through the 2022 World Cup. Each pot of money the men win will be split in half and given to the women. The women don’t have to do anything to earn that money. They are paid as a result of the men’s efforts.

Don Lemon made the valid point that the practice of simply paying the women’s team for the men’s effort is unfair and that capitalism rewards what people desire. His two female co-hosts did not like these comments. One of the women attempted to make the point about marketing dollars being needed to bolster up the popularity of women’s sports. One or both of the cohosts also spoke about women’s sports being the fastest growing. “Fastest growing” does not necessarily equate to “most profitable” which is another point that Lemon alluded to. Not only did Don Lemon’s cohosts have an issue with what he said, but several activist groups and media networks around the country did also.

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