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Alex Jones Hosts Ye For Yet Another Trainwreck Interview

Kanye West (now known as “Ye”) appeared on Alex Jones’ INFOWARS podcast alongside Nick Fuentes for yet another controversial interview. This comes just a couple of days after the now-infamous interview Ye gave to Tim Pool. Ye ultimately walked out of that interview after minor pushback from Pool. The Alex Jones interview went a little bit better for yet, but at the same time, it went poorly for him. Alex Jones gave Ye a little bit more room to breathe with minimal kickback. This was good for Ye as he didn’t storm out of the interview. However, this was also bad for Ye because he was given space to become more unhinged than he was in the Timcast interview. Any hopes of #YE24 have been all but dashed and Ye may be the last one to actually find out about it. This is due to the cast of yes-men handlers that Ye has surrounded himself with – namely Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiannopoulos.


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