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Don Lemon Unknowingly Makes A Great Point While Attacking Kyle Rittenhouse

CNN host Don Lemon attempted to make a point about self-defense in the Kyle Rittenhouse case that completely backfired. During an on-air segment with three other guests, Lemon began to tear into people who support Rittenhouse and Rittenhouse himself. He scoffed at the idea of people “taking matters into their own hands” when it comes to defending a community. The CNN host equated protecting a community with vigilantism. Lemon stated that people should simply call the police and wait for them to arrive to handle matters. He probably thought this was a great point to make, but many people responded saying the exact opposite.

The spirit of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution is exactly what Don Lemon was attempting to preach against. The police simply cannot be an on-demand security force for every citizen in the country. People must be able to protect themselves and others at any time. This is exactly why the right to bear arms exists. Police do a great job at protecting and serving, but they cannot do the job on their own. Regular, everyday citizens also bear some responsibility here. Especially in a situation like what happened on that fateful day in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year.

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The Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA riots over the past few years highlight the limitations of law enforcement. If gunshots, fires, and general vandalism/burglary are happening in many different spots all over a city then the police are going to be stretched thin. When BLM riots hit Chicago’s business districts, police were removed from high-crime areas to go deal with that issue. The result was an all-time high number of homicides. Why? Because the police simply could not help those who needed it. A time like that reveals the necessity of citizens having the ability to defend themselves. Since Chicago has some of the tightest gun laws in the country, many normal people in dangerous areas are left completely defenseless.


CNN’s Don Lemon Claims Rittenhouse Trying to Maintain Order Is ‘Vigilantism’ :: Grabien News

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