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BLM NYC Leader Threatens New Mayor With “Bloodshed” Over Anti-Crime Policy

BLM NYC leader Hawk Newsome apparently threatened newly-elected Mayor Eric Adams with “bloodshed” over the proposed changes to crime-fighting. New York City has been gripped with a crime wave over the past few years. This is, in large part, due to the weakening of “broken windows” policing as well as a reduction in overall law enforcement. Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and other groups have successfully influenced local politicians to make the streets more dangerous by taking money away from the police force. So now that Eric Adams has been elected as NYC’s next mayor, at least one faction of BLM NYC wants to continue the “progress” that they have made.

Eric Adams realizes that New York City cannot sustain its current crime problem. It has to come to an end sooner rather than later. Everyone is affected by the crime wave from young to old, black to white, rich to poor. Crime in the Big Apple does not discriminate and it is only on the rise. Adams ran on a campaign of bringing safety back to the city. The problem BLM NYC has with what the new Mayor is proposing is the methods he will use to achieve this goal.

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A sizable amount of people did not like what Rudy Giuliani did in the 1990s to clean up NYC streets. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, New York City was a complete mess. Times Square is the equivalent to Disneyland today but back then it was a much different place. Times Square used to resemble Gotham from the Batman movies. Or any other broken city in a dystopian future. Giuliani completely turned Times Square’s negative image and physical state around to what it is now. In order to achieve this goal, Giuliani had no other choice than to get hard on crime, including prosecuting quality-of-life offenses that some would consider petty.

Since more and more left-voting people have infested the city, quality of life has continued to plummet. The city’s image has plummeted. And some people wish for it to remain that way. Black Lives Matter NYC has odd motives. On one hand, they want their “community” (black people) to fare better in the city. On the other hand, they want specific things from the city (like handouts) to make this happen. And all of this, in the mind of BLM NYC, must happen without any increase in law enforcement.

BLM NYC chooses to ignore the obvious problem with the black community, especially in New York City. Lack of parents and personal accountability has a devastating impact. Police need to be tough on crime so there is accountability for wrong-doers. Safety is paramount. If the criminals cannot truly be separated from law-abiding people, then how can there be an improved sense of safety? This, of course, is impossible. Hopefully, Eric Adams was able to articulate that basic fact to Hawk Newsome during their behind-closed-doors talk (that was somehow recorded and published online). If BLM NYC (and the city as a whole) cannot embrace the idea of getting tougher on crime, then the city will continue to freefall… with the “black community” leading the way down.

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