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Donald Trump Visits NYC Bodega After Day Two Of Hush Money Trial

President Donald Trump visited a New York City bodega after day two of the “hush money” trial involving Stormy Daniels. The Bodega Association of the United States invited Trump to discuss rising crime in the city. Dozens, if not hundreds, of people were waiting for the President before his arrival. He was greeted by men, women, and children of all races cheering for him. This is in opposition to leftist politicians in the area who say that Trump is not welcome in the highly Democratic area.

The Manhattan corner store is the site of a viral story involving former clerk Jose Alba. Alba was working when a man hopped over the counter to assault him after his girlfriend’s card was declined while trying to buy items. Alba defended himself with a knife, and the assailant wound up dying. The store clerk was sent to Riker’s Island and charged with murder. It took a monumental effort to free the man from prison. He has since reportedly left NYC and returned to his native Dominican Republic.

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