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Biblical Floods Hit UAE, Some Residents Blame Cloud Seeding

Torrential downpours and flooding have hit the United Arab Emirates, also known as the U.A.E. and the primary location of Dubai. Neighboring Oman was also hit with extensive flooding. Pakistan and Afghanistan are nearby, and they have experienced similar weather conditions. Experts say that this is the heaviest rainfall the region has seen in the past 75 years. Due to U.A.E.’s desert environment, heavy rains are prone to cause flooding. There is no topsoil for water to absorb, and there may not be proper drainage systems in urban areas or remote outskirts. Infrastructure from roads to Dubai International Airport were all affected.

Some residents and experts say that this unprecedented rainfall was caused by a process called cloud seeding. Cloud seeing, in a nutshell, is the process of injecting chemicals into clouds to provoke rain. Other experts disagree that cloud seeding caused the flooding, as many articles argue against this theory. Although some articles attempt to disprove the theory, no articles deny that this is a practice in Dubai. Cloud seeding is a standard practice in the water-starved region. Maybe this time, they got more than what they asked for, as several people have died, and the damage is probably in the billions.

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