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Drew Barrymore Apologizes After Her Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Comments Hit The Internet

Famed actress Drew Barrymore recently made some controversial comments on Anthony Anderson’s daytime talk show about the Johnny Depp & Amber Heard trial. The comments did not go over too well with many of her fans and onlookers due to her demeanor while speaking about it. People said that she “made light” of the situation and was not sensitive to the issue of male abuse. So after she made the comments and got backlash, Barrymore recorded an apology video and uploaded it to Instagram. Anthony Anderson was laughing along with Barrymore during the “controversial” moments but he hasn’t come under any fire and he hasn’t released any sort of apology video as of the writing of this article.

Johnny Deep is in the middle of a heated court battle with his former wife Amber Heard. The case has been broadcast on television for weeks now and it has captivated large parts of the American public. The case involves abuse that is often described as “mutual combat” even if not necessarily always violent. The key issue here is that Amber Heard is seen as the aggressor. Domestic violence against men from women is uncommon and therefore seen as less serious and oftentimes even humorous. So when Drew Barrymore spoke about the situation in kind of a jovial, fascinated fashion – people reminded her that domestic violence is still a very serious issue.

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However, the truth is that most people who are watching the case probably think the same thing Drew Barrymore does. Double standards exist and society and at a certain point – that’s fine. Sometimes certain groups (feminists, especially) do not like when society’s double standards place them at a disadvantage or remove some sort of privilege that they feel entitled to for one reason or another.


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