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Joe Biden Laughs At Inflation Joke At White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Joe Biden had a great time at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner laughing at Trevor Noah’s joke on inflation. As a matter of fact, Noah cracked quite a few jokes about the President and the country that everyone in the room found to be hilarious. However, the average citizen in the country who is struggling financially may not find these jokes so funny. The WHCD crowd is typically the upper-crust of society and very liberal. So, to them, issues like this aren’t too particularly serious. What Trevor Noah did find serious was the role of mainstream media in “preserving Democracy”. That part of his WHCD was no laughing matter at all and the crowd didn’t crack a smile. On the more serious issues that affect everyday Americans, the laughs could fill up an entire football stadium from top to bottom with room to spare.

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