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DRONES Used To ENFORCE “Social Distancing” in New Jersey!

Elizabeth, New Jersey have taken “social distancing” measures to the extreme with the addition of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) to their fleet to enforce said rules. These drones will fly around the city, looking for people gathering in large groups and offer a “pre-recorded” warning to disperse and stop gathering. Police siren noise will accompany these drones just like normal police vehicles on land.

Concerns about privacy and “big brother” poured into Elizabeth’s police department soon after the unveiling of the social distancing drone on Facebook. They responded with messages across their social media assuring the public that there would be no recording or pictures taken from the drones.

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There will, however, be a potential fine and ticket for up to $1,000 for social distancing violators. If that’s the case, then how can there also be no recording or picture-taking? How would a person be a proven violator if no evidence is taken from the drone, such as a recording of the violation or at least a picture of the violator’s face?

China has a similar drone program in effect. There’s appears to operate a bit more honestly than those in Elizabeth. Verbal commands directly from a human being watching the “violator” are given to the person, ordering them to disperse, go back home, or whatever is required.

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